documentary // seeing is believing: ‘Chasing Ice’ is a must-see

The problem with addressing climate change, one that is key to the constant stalemates in international negotiations regarding the issue, is that in many ways we can’t actually see its most shocking impacts – global warming is an enormous problem that we are causing now, and have been causing for a long time, however its worst and most irreversible effects will not be seen for at least ten to fifteen years– and by this time it will be too late to reverse…
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The documentary Chasing Ice (7.8 on IMDB) changes that, bringing you spectacular (and horrifying) images and videos of glacier retreats across the Arctic, captured by extraordinary intrepid National Geographic photographer James Balog and his team. It’s a shocking film that will have an impact on the most adamant of climate change deniers – it’s difficult to dispute what’s being placed right before your eyes.

I’ve always believed that photography is a way to shape human perception.” – James Balog

Watch the film on Netflix, or here: 

It’s also worth checking out the project’s website: 

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Decaying ice and icebergs on the surface of the Jokulsarlon in southeast Iceland. The ice drains off the great icecap called the Vatnajokull.
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The crippling disease of CAPITALISM

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Capitalism. A game with a select few winners, and many losers. Sound fair? We all know the answer, yet despite the inequality it exacerbates, the materialist mentality it thrives upon, and the environmental destruction it drives, this is sadly the economic structure followed with more and more fervour by the world’s dominating economies.

In this short 11-minute video distinguished Cambridge professor David Harvey explains the current ‘crisis of capitalism’ in a captivating and realitively easy to comprehend manner .  ፨

What this collective space is about . . .

Here you’ll find a progressive blog for those who place great importance in living their life sustainably, ethically, and collectively.

Despite having the knowledge that the physical world and its human controlled systems are sick, we can actively change aspects of our lives and our mentality to align ourselves with a movement that will not give up, instead of resigning ourselves to a pessimistic outlook of humanity’s future. There are those (like you) who accept the weight of the world we now hold our shoulders, and believe that the collective will of many can ultimately reverse the decline in respect for the earth and all its people that humanity currently suffers.


If you are frightened by climate change and environmental devastation, critical of an increasing amount wealth being concentrated in the hands of the smallest percentage, and opposed to a pervasive mentality of individualism that is pitting us against each other, then this is the blog for you.

So many despair at the state of humanity, but on the other side of the looking glass is an opportunity for collective action and rebellion against the oppressive structures of the current world system; something to be truly excited about.

Essentially, this space aims to collect and share relevant ideas, articles, sites and documentaries related to the above ideology – is our responsibility to change the norms of society, to set the standards for the future we want, today.  ፨

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